Three Rivers Regional Commission - Regional Planning


Regional Planning

In accordance with O.C.G.A. 50-8-1, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) is provided the authority to establish standards and procedures for Regional Planning. To remain eligible for state funding programs, the Three Rivers Regional Commission (TRRC) must prepare, adopt, maintain, and implement a regional plan that meets the established planning requirements for a regional plan.

It is the desire of TRRC to have a clear and direct path for the growth, sustainability, and prosperity of the ten‐county service area. As the TRRC Regional Plan is deemed to be a significant tool to that end, our member governments are encouraged to utilize the Three Rivers Regional Plan in their decision making processes for the good our citizens and our region.

Click here to view the Three Rivers Regional Plan.

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Regionally Important Resources

The Three Rivers Regional Commission (TRRC) created a Regionally Important Resources (RIR) plan to serve as a guide that identifies regionally important natural or historic resources within the ten-county Three Rivers Region. The plan also provides implementation strategies for the protection and management of these resources. Regionally Important Resources (RIR) are those determined to be of value to the region and thus the state, and vulnerable to the effects of uncontrolled or incompatible development.

Hence, this plan seeks to lay a foundation for the enhancement of local, regional, and state coordination efforts to preserve our most precious natural, cultural and heritage resources.

The Three Rivers Regional Commission Regionally Important Resources Plan consists of three primary categories: Water, Conservation and Cultural/Heritage Resources.

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