Minutes of the Three Rivers Regional commission council meetings



As a quasi-governmental agency, the Three Rivers Regional Commission holds regular council meetings, and makes the minutes of meetings available to the public. Please see the Meeting Minutes below.

Notice of Change in Committee and Council Meetings

  • Click Here for a Notice of Change to the TRRC April 25, 2019 Committee and Council Meeting 
Meeting Schedule

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New Requests for Proposal Available
WorkSource Three Rivers announces the following RFPs:
  • Click here for a copy of the RFP Notification for Youth Program Services and Career Services/Case Management
  • RFP for Career Services/Case Management  - 
    Click Here for a copy of the document
  • RFP for Youth Program ServicesClick Here for a copy of the document
  • Budget Narrative Sheet  -  Click Here for the budget narrative spreadsheet
Amendments to Career Services/Case Management RFP
  1. Amendment 1A  Attachment E - Career Services/Case Management
  2. Amendment 1B Attachment G-1  -  Career Services/Case Management
  3. Amendment 1C  Attachment H  -  Career Services/Case Management
RFP Bidder's Conference Questions and Answers
A Bidder’s Conference for Career, Training, and Case Management Services and Youth Services was held on March 13, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. at the offices of WorkSource Three Rivers in Griffin, GA.  Technical assistance was also provided at this time.  Written responses to questions concerning the RFPs are provided in the link below:
  • Click Here for a copy of the RFP Bidder's Conference Questions and Answers