Broadband Planning

The TRRC has identified the expansion of broadband services within the region a top priority. One of the first initiatives was the development of a Digital Economy Plan (DEP). Latest efforts include the useof the TRRC Planning and Projects Committee as a Broadband Task Force. Year One activities included informational sessions with guest speakers from across the state to discuss various local efforts to expand broadband. A report will be compiled that summarizes the findings and insights gathered from the first year.

TRRC conducted DEP planning activities within the 10-county TRRC region and delivered a regional digital economy plan to the GTA toward the end of FY 2014.

The TRRC worked with its member governments, chambers of commerce, and other interested parties to:

  • conduct a digital economy inventory
  • identify needs
  • develop a SWOC analysis
  • create or update digital economy resource maps
  • develop a preliminary list of viable digital economy projects
  • outline implementation steps that can be taken to increase digital economy resources in each community.

The TRRC assigned the following
staff to facilitate the digital economy planning activities:

  • Jeannie Brantley
    Planning Director
  • Sam Mukoro
    GIS Planner

The TRRC focused DEP planning efforts in Carroll, Coweta, Butts, Lamar, and Spalding Counties since those counties had not been involved recently with local or regional broadband planning activities. The TRRC coordinated with the West Georgia Broadband Authority (WGBA) in Heard, Meriwether, Troup, and Upson counties for the past two years, and the TRRC incorporated the WGBA broadband engineering study findings into the regional plan. See the TRRC Regional Broadband Maps here.

The Pike County Development Authority solicited bids for a single county broadband study, and the TRRC provided an overview of those efforts in the regional digital economy plan.