Assisting Local Governments

The Three Rivers Regional Commission (TRRC) provides a multitude of planning-related services to its member local governments. Examples include regional and local land use planning, solid waste management planning, transportation planning, and historic preservation.

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TRRC staff actively participates in several professional planning organizations to remain current on the latest trends and developments in the field. This helps ensure the timely delivery of best practices to member governments.

The TRRC also offers the following technical assistance services to its member governments:

  • Assistance in implementing comprehensive plans and Short-Term Work Program goals and objectives
  • Natural resource protection planning, to include preparation of Environmental Criteria Ordinances, Source Water Assessment Plans, and Source Water Protection Plans
  • Preparing and/or updating Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plans and other emergency response or community preparedness plans
  • Developing and/or updating local Zoning and Land Use Regulations
  • Creating community design guidelines
  • Assistance with instituting Quality Growth Initiatives
  • Arranging and hosting training workshops for local officials.